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Length 3:30:05
Date Apr 7, 2015
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“It's a Shenmue Online out of ten.” — Pat

“I’D RATHER HAVE NOTHING.” is the eighty-seventh episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

#WonderRed4Smash #UniteVOTE #Diplomacy
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

What if you got in and all you said was, "This is not as good as Melee." and that was all your B attacks?
— Matt
I'd be upset.
— Liam
I can say it up, I can say it down, I can say it side to side...
— Pat
I can say it anyway you want.
— Liam
I went up north to see my parents.
— Liam
I notice you do that a lot. It almost seems like you love your family.
— Pat
Liam and Matt better bug testers than Woolie, confirmed.
— Pat
Not according to the positions we ended up in but moving along.
— Woolie
They just didn't like us 'cause we were white.
— Liam
Gotta get that token hire!
— Woolie
Furious 7 because it was better than The Hobbit and more emotional.
— Matt
Everything can be anal beads if you try hard enough.
— Pat
If you subscribe to Audible, it will eventually become Skynet.
— Liam
The lesson of Ip Man is be calm and thoughtful and kick the shit out of foreigners.
— Pat
I wish he would die.
— Liam about Haim Saban
No, that's too much. Roll that back a little.
— Pat
I wish he would... die.
— Liam
Even if we were in a DBZ world, our power levels are one or two, tops. Who the fuck are we gonna fuse with that it would make a difference?
— Pat
I wanna be half skeleton.
— Pat
You are half skeleton!
— Liam
— Pat
It's a Shenmue Online out of ten.
— Pat
Woolie, when you're waken up and the lady says, "How do you want your eggs?" are you gonna say, "Baked into a peanut butter cookie."?
— Pat

Letter Time Edit

Q: Are you going to play the Evil Within DLC? from a lot of people

  • Matt and Pat: No. We're play Revelations now and it's basically the same game but so much better. Then we're gonna play other games that are way better than Evil Within.

Q: If you had the opportunity to do the fusion dance with someone on the planet, who would it be? from Jenny

  • Matt: Michael Fassbender, I just want to be in him.
  • Pat: Peter Dinklage, only person close to me in body type and height.
  • Woolie: Michael Jai White, to become Shin Woolie.
  • Liam: I don't care for fusion.

Q: What does "Doki Doki" mean? from Wolflow 500

  • It's the sound of your heartbeat.

Q: These games have to come out as described. One is a ten out of ten, one is a garbage 2 out of ten, and one is announced but never released. A Megaman character action game made by Platinum, a Witcher game in the genre of The Wolf Among Us, and a Metal Gear game where you play as The Boss during World War II. from Alex

  • Matt: Metal Gear 10/10, Witcher 2/10, Megaman unreleased.
  • Pat: Metal Gear 10/10, Witcher 2/10, Megaman unreleased.
  • Woolie: Metal Gear 10/10, Megaman 2/10, Witcher unreleased.
  • Liam: Metal Gear 10/10, Witcher 2/10, Megaman unreleased.

Q: You're locked in a jail cell room for twenty four hours, there are no windows or any entertainment. Are you locked in with Plague of Gripes, James Small, or Stamper? Sean

  • Matt: Stamper, because he is effortlessly funny.
  • Pat: Plague. I can't go with Stamper 'cause I'm afraid he'll kill me and I can't go with James because I know I'll kill him.
  • Woolie: James Small because we already did that in QA.
  • Liam: Plague.

Q: What's the longest you kept reading/playing/watching something that didn't interest you and what compelled you to keep going? from Annette

  • Matt: Twenty episodes of Hellsing. The show is fine but I hate Hellsing's design.
  • Pat: The first forty-nine episodes of One Piece, which are terrible, and eight or nine seasons of Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares.
  • Woolie: Love Hina I couldn't stop and I don't know why.
  • Liam: Love Hina is a strong contender. The Legendary Starfy

Q: Which one of Kreiger's inventions do you want to be real? from dude 1532

  • Pat: The ghost waifu
  • Woolie: Taser gauntlets

Q: How do you like your eggs? from Super Moon

  • Matt: Scrambled
  • Pat: Scrambled with swiss cheese and hard boiled. I hate sunny side up.
  • Woolie: Diluted into ingredients in things where I can't taste it like cake. If I have to eat an egg then raw so I can get it over with.
  • Liam: I like them a lot of ways other than raw and sunny side up.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Matt: It Follows
  • Pat: Pillars of Eternity and maybe Axiom Verge
  • Woolie: Kids on the Slope
  • Liam: Monster Bag, Furious 7

Trivia Edit

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