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007 Agent Under Fire

Agent Under Fire Title
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Game 007 Agent Under Fire
Length 14:11
Date Mar 03, 2015
Previous 007 The World is Not Enough
Next 007 Nightfire
“Sean Connery would poison a kid if he could.” — Matt

007 Agent Under Fire is the fifth video in the Matt's Sexy Bond-A-Thon series. In this video, Matt plays the first PS2/Gamecub/Xbox 007 game as he tries to do things just like James Bond would'a done.


Bruce Wayne, giving up the life of a fabulous playboy who secretly used gadgets to fight crime in Gotham City, moved to England and quickly rose through the ranks of MI6 the life of a fabulous playboy who secretly uses gadgets to fight crime.
— Website description


We're just gonna dive right into like James Bond would dive into a pile of... sex.
— Matt
Yeah, fuck you! The gas station works for MI6.
— Matt
I gotta get my Q-Pulse on.
— Matt
So this is one of the first hard missions in the game where you have to use a bit of stealth, a bit of luck and a whole lot of luck.
— Matt
Sean Connery would poison a kid if he could.
— Matt
Yeah, into the vat of acid where you came from.
— Matt


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