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007 From Russia With Love

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Game James Bond 007: From Russia with Love
Length 18:30
Date Apr 5, 2015
Previous Goldeneye Rogue Agent
Next Quantum of Solace
“Ah, you fell down quite fast. Just like your mother did last night, Trebek!” — Matt

007 From Russia With Love is the ninth video in the Matt's Sexy Bond-A-Thon series. In this video, Matt works around copyright issues, visits the Leaning Tower of Pisa, has a jetpack battle with himself, and constantly talks in a bad Scottish accent.


Leathery Scottish Bastard Sean Connery takes center stage! Will he blow up Russia and sleep with anything that has a pulse? FIND OUT!
— Website description


Oh no, a Russian with a jetpack.
— Matt
What are you, are you a terrorist? Do you work for Hydra... I mean Octopus. Talk!
— Matt
Ah, the future. We're being dragged into it, by some type of Metal Gear.
— Matt
Ah, you fell down quite fast. Just like your mother did last night, Trebek!
— Matt
You're a man child 007. You're like that blasted Matt from Two Best Friends Play.
— Matt
What, are you gonna talk to it? Are you gonna try and sleep with the tank?
— Matt


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