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007 NIghtfire

Nightfire Title
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Game 007 Nightfire
Length 20:32
Date Mar 10, 2015
Previous 007 The World is Not Enough
Next 007 Everything or Nothing
“I will protect all the French intelligence. There isn't a lot, ohoo!” — Matt

007 Nightfire is the sixth video in the Matt's Sexy Bond-A-Thon series. In this video, Matt saves women trapped in walls, invades the gala-ball at the local super villain castle lair, fight RAGE piloting a helicopter, and plays board games with all the ladies.


Nightfire tells the tale of a industry billionaire who uses his connections in the black market to steal a satellite that - WHO CARES? TECHNO-NINJAS!
— Website description


I will protect all the French intelligence. There isn't a lot, ohoo!
— Matt
James, you don't even have a touk on? You'd look good in a little skull beanie.
— Matt
Shut up M, i'm trying to talk!
— Matt
Fuck you! Ruin your ski trip assholes!
— Matt
I don't recall getting much rest.
— Alura McCall
Ohhhh! It's 'cause they were playing Scrabble all night!
— Matt
That was a James Bond moment, that counted, everyone was impressed.
— Matt
Okay, destroy his computer. *Shoots computer screen* Done! I wiped the hard drive clean.
— Matt


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