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187ROD Title
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Game 187 Ride or Die
Length 29:47
Upload Date Apr 25, 2014
Controller Matt & Woolie (Co-Op)
Previous 50 Cent Blood on The Sand
Next 25 To Life
“Best friends, always doing it, 24/7. Bringing you the games no one asked for.” — Matt

Best Friends Play 187 RIDE OR DIE! is a Cryme Tyme episode in which Matt and Woolie ghost ride the whip, flip wigs, shoot buckshot from an uzi, skid in their pants, and force strangers to buy copies of their Let's Plays.


Woolie and Matt get pulled back into the thug life!
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

Why are you taking me back here? Why are you taking me back to the place that I fucking try to get away from?
— Woolie
Were these games made for the streets or made for the wiggers?
— Woolie
Dude they were made for the wiggers. They were made for Bless.
— Matt
Oh dude, we're totally riding and/or dying right now.
— Matt
Backdown: The Down Payment.
— Matt
This is basically Dark Souls when you think about it.
— Matt
Says fuckin' you! Real thugs boost whenever the fuck they want! They don't listen to no rules! Boost on the corners! Boost in your house! You parking? Boost that shit!
— Woolie
Best friends, always doing it, 24/7. Bringing you the games no one asked for.
— Matt
Yo, you need to check out our channel son. We got this crazy fucking ginger bitch, just going crazy all the times. We got this little girl/boy who loves animes.
— Matt
Then we got this black guy that likes Muse man, that's crazy!
— Matt
Thug dizzle?! THUG FUCKIN' DIZZ--they're just like, they're running out of everything!
— Woolie
ID tagged bling and ID tagged hos!
— Matt


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