Two Best Friends Play:

The Walking Dead - After Hours - 400 days

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Game 400 Days (The Walking Dead DLC)
Episodes 2
Combined Length 1:30:01
Original Run July 5, 2013 - July 6, 2013
Controller Matt
“I'll use my lobster claws and jerk it off.” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play The Walking Dead After Hours 400 Days is a mini playthrough of the DLC content from The Walking Dead playthrough. After much begging from their fans on their Facebook page they undertook this journey once more through the post apocalyptic future, this time as Vince McMahon (and others), powerwalking their way through zambamboes. Along the way, they fuck Wall Street, postulate lobster claw hands, and Matt takes part in the hypest game of rock, paper, scissors ever... against himself.

Quotes Edit

God, I hate Wall Street so much!
— Pat
He's the new Kenny!
— Matt
See ya later, fucker! He's going to come back as a boss, there's gonna be a zombie that tosses money and briefcases at you.
— Matt on Wall Street
Hey kids, here's a tip. Don't get married.
— Matt
Nothing ever good happens in a corn field.
— Pat
Gingers are sneaky people. That's how we avoided getting kicked out of Ireland for so long.
— Pat
I thought you were going to say 'that's how we avoided evolution' or something.
— Matt
What, you don't want to do it in the bullet hole?
— Pat
You suck, Matt!
— Matt
It's like Bush said to Gorbachev, you can't let you see our weaknesses, cause then you'll try and strike back... with the Peace Walker.
— Matt
Fuck up the prompts so that they die!
— Pat
Shoot your grandpa's leg off and then cheat on him with your wife and the ginger chick!
— Pat
The feels!
— Matt
We gotta get to Statesboro.
— Matt
Throw Becca in the fire!
— Matt

Gallery Edit

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