Cryme Tyme

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

Blood on the Sand Title
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Game 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand
Length 22:49
Upload Date Feb 12, 2014
Controller Woolie
Next 187 Ride or Die
“I think that Liam believes that hip-hop is some sort of obscure 90's Skip-It style device.” — Matt

Best Friends Play 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand is a Cryme Tyme episode in which Matt and Woolie show how gangsta they are by using exploding cars for cover, buying guns from phone booths, talking about vitamin water, watching textures load, and getting cock blocked by trees.


Go Best's ya birthday...we're gonna party like it's ya birthday!
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

Yeah! Can't content ID us anymore, motherfuckers!
— Matt, at the THQ logo
I like the idea of 50 Cent being a big closeted Jake Gyllenhaal fan.
— Matt
I should buy a boat. I already own like fifty boats though.
— Woolie, as 50 Cent
Always operate firearms drunk, kids.
— Woolie
I really feel that it's a missed opportunity that they didn't have Metal Wolf Chaos 2: 50 Cent.
— Matt
Fuckin' cockblockin' tree! Bitch nigga tree! Motherfucka! Shit.
— Woolie
Play that shmup Fiddy! Yeah, you got it Fiddy!
— Woolie
I put Hulk Hogan in the Camel Clutch, and I fuck his ass!
— Matt, as Iron Sheik
Make him humble, humble him, with my ten inch cock!
— Woolie, as Iron Shiek
Shit Fiddy, this game is exposing that our vocabulary is not very diverse.
— Woolie
We gotta bitch these bitches, bitch.
— Woolie
Make that bitch your bitch you bastard!
— Matt
Never Back Down 3: Always Back Down.
— Woolie
Never Back Down 5: It's a Good Day to Back Down.
— Matt
Every prompt is "Fuck this bitch."
— Matt
The bitch will remember that.
— Woolie


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