Cryme Tyme:

50 Cent Bulletproof

Bulletproof Title
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Game 50 Cent: Bulletproof
Length 23:59
Upload Date Oct 12, 2014
Controller Matt
Previous Crime Life Gang WARZ!
Next True Crime: Streets of NY
“Take a lesson from Football Player Woolie, finish the job at the funeral.” — Woolie

50 Cent Bulletproof is a Cryme Tyme episode in which Matt and Woolie go back to where it all began so they can try to pull 50 Cent's head out of his ass and steal from dead men, discover they aren't actually bulletproof, try to clip through hookers, and pester Eminem while he picks up hookers.


We stand in awe at the autobiographical masterpiece that is 50 Cent and his Bulletproofs.
— Website description

Quotes Edit

Booty! Guns! Booty! Guns!
— Woolie
I always felt that 50 Cent was the Sean Penn of the rap game meets video game world.
— Matt
Assign Young Buck to be a medic.
— Woolie
Is it stealing if they're dead?
— Woolie
Yes, 'cause dead men need their wallets to pay the... boatman?
— Matt
Bury them bitches, invite the families out, get some flowers...
— Woolie
And then finish the job.
— Matt
Take a lesson from Football Player Woolie, finish the job at the funeral.
— Woolie
Naughty Dog always confirmed for stealing mechanics.
— Matt
Are you telling me you have a bitches button?
— Woolie
Can we just take a minute to go through all the strings of 50 Cent talking about being poor?
— Woolie


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