Rustlemania 2: SuperBrawl Saturday III

5 Star Wrestling

5 Star Thumb
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Game 5 Star Wrestling
Length 23:55
Winner No one
Previous Wrestlemania The Arcade Game
Next Power Move Pro Wrestling
“If you heeaar... what the stone... is baking.” — Woolie

5 Star Wrestling is the eleventh episode in the Best Friends' Rustlemania 2: SuperBrawl Saturday III special.


"Sometimes you have to give 110% in everything you do! I know that's statistically impossible, as a person can only give 100%, but ya gotta SQUEEZE out that extra 10! The developers of this game certainly didn't listen to the CENATION!"
— Video Description


Matt and Woolie get their butts rocked with this anti-establishment game that has them skirting the edges of several lawsuits, fighting for the Gym Championship, joining the Old Country Chaos, and listing the roster for Bizarro WWE.


Welcome to 'Don't Sue Us Wrestling'.
— Woolie
I mean, Bork Bassler.
— Matt
I don't hear voices in my feet.
— Woolie
They don't talk to me, they don't understand. They don't talk to meeee!
— Matt
If you heeaar... what the stone... is baking.
— Woolie
Maybe we can end it quick.
— Woolie
I want you to.
— Matt
Oh no! It's the Man's Knee!
— Matt
That's him grabbing someone's balls and asking them to cough!
— Matt
We can't call it coins. Maybe the makers of coins will sue us.
— Matt
If we're going to do this with Undertaker, he's gotta be 'Person Who Works at Prenatal Ward'.
— Matt
Can I grab you down there?
— Woolie

Jimmies' Status Edit

Matt - [X]Rustled [ ]Unrustled

Pat - Not Present

Woolie - [X]Rustled [ ]Unrustled

Liam' - Not Present


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