ADVENTURE TIME with Matt the Human!

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Length 2:21
Date Nov 21, 2012


ADVENTURE TIME with Matt the Human! is a video featuring Matt giving a brief review of The Adventure Time Collector's Edition for the 3DS. Based on the Cartoon Network show called Adventure Time, Matt was given an early edition of the game and Pat was not, despite Pat being a bigger fan of the cartoon and was the one who introduced Matt to it in the first place. Matt explains that "all gods hate him" as to why Pat didn't receive an early copy as well. The rest of the video is pretty much just rubbing it in Pat's face that he got the game before he did.

Quotes Edit

Oh my god! It's a complete map of the land of Ooo! Oh god, Pat must be killing himself!
— Matt
Yeah! Take that evil packaging!
— Matt uses mini sword to open game
♫ Pat's gonna kill himself but nobody cares because Pat suuucks. That's why Matt rules! ♫
— Matt

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