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APB Reloaded

APB Reloaded Cryme Tyme
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Game APB Reloaded
Length 33:44
Upload Date Jun 26, 2017
Controller Woolie
Previous True Crime: Streets of LA
Next [[]]
“You're born into this world with your Adidas on.” — Woolie

APB Reloaded is a Cryme Tyme episode in which Matt and Woolie tear through the corpse of San Pedro, committing crimes under the name "TheBlackmad".

Quotes Edit

See look Woolie, they made the police look just as cool as criminals, the only difference is blue!
— Matt
Look at all these logos hired to resurrect this game's corpse.
— Matt
And everyone's dressed like a fuckin' Slavic gangster. You're born into this world with your Adidas on.
— Woolie
It's just one ongoing crime! I don't know how to parse this information!
— Woolie
These are all other Let's Players!
— Matt
Dude, this is literally Cryme Tyme: The Game
— Matt
If you ever wondered what a world built on crime would look like, we're getting close to finding the answer.
— Woolie
Mamarou your crimes.
— Woolie


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