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A Whole Other Type of Scatbeast

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Length 3:18:49
Date Apr 24, 2017
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“This is like Platinum announcing they're making a sequel to Inversion and people going, 'You didn't play Inversion?'.” — Matt

A Whole Other Type of Scatbeast is the one-hundred and ninety-fourth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

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FOOLS get called out this week. You can watch us record the podcast live on
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It does help that literally every character in the game appeals to someone's secret fetish.
— Pat
This is like Platinum announcing they're making a sequel to Inversion and people going, 'You didn'y play Inversion?'.
— Matt
Sometimes the right answer is not saying 'I am Groot.'.
— Pat
Piccolo started as a Decepticon also.
— Pat
God forbid your legacy in the future becomes only Pogs.
— Woolie
We will die there, old and crotchety, wearing our 'Vape Naysh' t-shirts.
— Woolie
That's why they bought the milk. For the RE2 milk.
— Woolie
That's the best thing about doing a live podcast is you can feel the being an idiot right there.
— Matt

Letter Time Edit

Q: Pat, why are you sick of the 3DS? from Unknown

  • Pat: I've been sick of it for years at this point. Liam and I hate the screen because it makes us sick.

Q: Name a real life protagonist that you know other than yourself. from Mark

  • Matt: Hugh Jackman and Keanu Reeves.
  • Pat: Rocky and that old man in British Columbia who killed a bear with a stick because it attacked his dog.
  • Woolie: Seal Team Six, the dog that fought Goose Howard, Kai the Homeless Guy, and Duterte the Punisher Mayor.

Q: Matt, what did you think about the new MST3K? from Someone

  • Matt: It's good. It's not exactly like the older version, but you'd be dumb if you thought it was going to be. The joke rate is almost too fast, but 80% of the jokes land, so it's fine. Some of the in between bits were meh, but so were the in between bits from earlier seasons.

Q: If you're in a bad situation, and the bad element gets removed so that you're back to neutral, is that a good thing, or just fair? from Jason

  • Pat: It's a good thing, because it's an improvement of your prior situation.
  • Woolie: The current state of affairs is improved, and whatever improved it is a good thing. The new state of affairs is the new neutral, and anything that improves it is good.

Q: Are there any games that are universally adored by every single person that mentions it to you, but you cannot force yourself to take? from Rook

  • Matt: Hate is too strong a word, but I 'hate' sports sims.
  • Pat: I can't think of many, but I fucking hate FEZ. Super Smash Bros. Melee is the worst game ever made because it created the Melee Player.
  • Woolie: I could never get into WoW; the drug just wasn't there for me. I didn't understand why people enjoyed pre-MK9 Mortal Kombat games over clearly superior Japanese fighting games.

Q: What was your favorite time that the player base rose up against the developers? from Wesley

  • Matt: Blizzard stopping the Auction House.
  • Pat: EVE Online, when the players blew up all of the cities because of the leaked news about the cash shop. Second Life, where players make dicks rain.
  • Woolie: For Honor players getting so mad at Ubisoft that they actually changed the drop rate of in-game currency. The backlash against 'augmenting your pre-order' for Deus Ex.

Q: Would you go to a themed bar for the franchise you love? Ex: JoJo from Birdie

  • Matt: Absolutely. I wouldn't go to a Punisher bar, but I would go to a Godzilla bar, and an Alien vs. Predator bar.
  • Pat: The H.R. Giger bar looks like a horrific place to drink.
  • Woolie: Totally. I went to the Kamen Rider bar when I went to Japan.

Q: What cliched trope or setting do you unironically love?/What is your guilty pleasure setting or trope? from Cornbread

  • Matt: Competent cyberpunk, and a Lovecraftian setting in the 1920's with mist everywhere. I'm getting tired of dystopian futures with destroyed buildings, etc.
  • Pat: Trapped in an MMO/another world. The first ten seconds of the apocalypse. Everyone having your back in a bad situation and either saving the day or completely and utterly failing in the end. Blades that come out of the character's elbows. I have a friend who was obsessed with Step Up-style movies.
  • Woolie: I can't think of anything that I completely unironically enjoy. If the setting is mostly completely original and new to me, I love it. I was all about any bright, colorful, hipstery, Juno/Garden State-esque movies for a while until I saw Youth in Revolt, which was bad. Life is Strange kind of hit that mark for me.

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