Mystery Box #023

Adam's Venture: Origins

Adam's Venture Title
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Game Adam's Venture: Origins
Length 24:03
Upload Date Apr 13, 2016
Controller Matt
Previous Mystery Box - Episode #022
Next Mystery Box - Episode #024
“Not since Jak II have I seen VSync destruction this bad.” — Pat

Adam's Venture: Origins the twenty-third episode of the Mystery Box series. In this episode, Matt and Pat pray for the alien rapture to bring about an end to terrible lighting and VSync destruction.

About Edit

It's a mystery!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

I'm excited to see how wrong I am.
— Pat
Hey man, that's how Adam Venture rolls. He needs to unlock the secrets of VSync.
— Matt
Not since Jak II have I seen VSync destruction this bad.
— Pat
You can't Adam Venture over there.
— Pat
Spread your butt apart. I need to venture.
— Matt
Check out your T-pose, thinking you're Jesus.
— Matt
Ouch! Man alive. That fall was the cat's pajamas.
— Matt
Only thing that gets me off is a bridge hitting me in the face.
— Pat

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