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Age of Barbarian

Age of Barbarian Title
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Game Age of Barbarian
Length 48:47
Controller Matt
Upload Date Jun 16, 2016
“Now that I have these nipple covers, my power is at an all time high.” — Matt

Age of Barbarian is a one-off episode that features Matt and Woolie attempt to hide erections of hype and arousal as they lead the Jews out of Egypt on the backs of giant lizards.

About Edit

"In a world where stupidity blends with fantasy, two moronic Barbarians enter a erotically confusing land where every move may be their last...and every skeleton is a story untold."
— Website description

Quotes Edit

DJames' back yard?
— Mat
His story is also one of a huge package, barely contained by that loincloth.
— Matt
A teacher and a scholar of the 3D arts.
— Woolie about Crian Soft
Also a teacher and scholar in if you squint a little bit, it looks like they're naked.
— Matt
There's a story reason behind those nips.
— Matt
I'm used to Fabio and his big flexing pecs. That's the hero I wanted, and that's the hero I got.
— Woolie
Those are family bearing hips.
— Matt
You ain't putting out just one. Bet you can't birth just one.
— Woolie
Now that I have these nipple covers, my power is at an all time high.
— Matt
Where is she putting that gold?
— Woolie
— Matt
Take a minute and tell me where that gold went.
— Woolie
Listen... let's continue on.
— Matt
Now most barbarians sustain themselves on a diet of rocks and... pillaging?
— Matt



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