Super Best Friends Play

Agents of Mayhem

Agents of Mayhem Title
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Game Agents of Mayhem
Season 12
Episode 11
Length 10:28
Upload Date Aug 20, 2017
Controller Co-Op
Previous Mega Man Legacy Collection 2
Next Yakuza Kiwami
“What? Is this a commercial? What? Is this an Overwatch?” — Pat

Super Best Friends Play Agents of Mayhem is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat take on the roles of Not Johnny Gat, Kimbo "BlackForce" Slice, and Girl as they try to figure out if this game wants to be a Saints Row style Grand Theft Auto V or a third-person Overwatch.


We play the brand new online co-op multiplayer game from Volition! Wait, this has absolutely no online?
— Video description


What? Is this a commercial? What? Is this an Overwatch?
— Pat
Wait, wait. Is that actually terrible? Think about it.
— Matt
— Pat}
That's stupid. I like that.
— Matt
God, I know this is gonna be only for, like five people ever, but the way this is setup reminds me a lot of WinBack 2: Operation Poseidon.
— Matt
Wow, you're really right. That is only for five people ever.
— Pat
Who's shooting at me? Oh, it's Overwatch.
— Pat
It's Overwatch Man.
— Matt
No, literally, look at the name of the enemy. It's the Overwatch Patrol, here to stop me.
— Pat

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