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Akiba's Trip Undead & Undressed

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Game Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed
Upload Date Jun 24, 2015
Previous Senran Kagura Estival Versus!
Next Dead or Alive Xtreme 3
“I’m trying to not notice Liam’s boner and he’s trying not to notice mine.” — Matt

Akiba's Trip Undead & Undressed is the sixth episode of the Creepy Anime Bullshit series. In this episode, Matt and Liam play a one-hundred percent accurate recreation of Akihabara, complete with otaku hunters, as they make dakimakuras of themselves, send dick pics to vampires, get knifed in a maid cafe, and visit the Hentai Sushi & Grille.


We go balls deep into Akihabara, but we loose our clothes along the way!
— Video description


When it flashed in there I thought it was someone's big butt staring at you and I'm like, oh god, Liam's left already.
— Matt
But nobody in Akihabara is super muscle man.
— Matt
You'd be surprised. I got the shit beat out of me when I was there. Everyone fought me for my figurines.
— Liam
How come she's all blushing about it? She shouldn't be, it's a blood ritual.
— Matt
It's still embarrassing.
— Liam
Having a body pillow of yourself is the most legitimate thing you can do. Love yourself before loving anybody else.
— Liam
Remember that time we had together when we accidentally rented Ninja Scroll from the video store and we thought it was just going to be a fun ninja adventure but then the rock guy did that thing with the girl and our parents caught us and we were sent to bed without our ramen?
— Matt
I’m trying to not notice Liam’s boner and he’s trying not to notice mine.
— Matt
If you ever wanted to go to Akihabara, just get this game. Save yourself the trip.
— Liam


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