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Alien Isolation

Isolation Title
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Game Alien: Isolation
Season 9
Episode 4
Length 17:57
Upload Date Oct 13, 2014
Controller Pat
Previous Shadow of Mordor
Next The Evil Within
“Everyone's sweating like Woolie in church.” — Matt

Alien Isolation is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat listen to Sega's apology for Aliens: Colonial Marines as they refuse to talk about that bad movie no one wants to talk about, stare at their feet, watch nerds get bodied by interstellar demons, make people out of milk, and hide from cyborg ghosts.


I admire this video's purity!
— Facebook description

Quotes Edit

We're playing 'Not as Cool as Predator: Isolation'.
— Matt
You can't just judge everything based in it's relationship to Predator.
— Pat
Ripley's daughter, did you know your mom had a sick fight in her underwear?
— Matt
Everyone's sweating like Woolie in church.
— Matt
Welcome to why people don't let you see your feet in games.
— Pat
Or you might de-evolve into sex monsters.
— Matt
— Pat
What if we played for hours and never encountered the Alien?
— Pat
Then this game succeeded.
— Matt
I know the alien's tough, but if you had sticks, and there were like, thirty of you, you could just beat the shit out of it.
— Pat
I shot it. Oh that didn't help you? I shot acid into you dick hole? Oh, I'm sorry.
— Matt
Remember that time we were recording stuff and Liam just got into the vents? We couldn't get him out of there for hours.
— Matt

Gallery Edit

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