Two Best Friends Play:

Aliens: Colonial Marines

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Game Aliens: Colonial Marines
Season 7
Episode 6
Length 17:02
Upload Date May 19, 2013
Controller Pat
Previous Star Trek
Next Walking Dead Survival Instinct
“My balls are always tingling with pent up Bill Paxton quotes.” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play: Aliens: Colonial Marines is a Machinima episode in which Matt, Pat, and Woolie once again make their way into the bodies of others, bitch out a Xenomorph with their hands, die from nothing, form a human centipede with Bishop, and get hunted down by Randy Pitchford.


Man, this game looks just how I feel.
— Website description

Intro Edit

The intro cartoon has Matt and Pat trekking through a long corridor nervously until Matt spots an Alien shadow down the hall, causing both of the Best Friends to draw their guns. However, when they reach the end of the corridor there's just a single Alien there glitching out and ramming into a door repeatedly.

Quotes Edit

Check those corners!
— Woolie
Look into my eye!
— Woolie
We played Star Trek last week!
— Matt
Use your toothy blowjobs on my turgid penis.
— Matt
No Luca, no. No cereal for you.
— Pat
Borderlands. Borderlands. Borderlands. Borderlands.
— All 3 at once
All the Preddies in the house say yeeeeeeah!
— Woolie
Can you imagine two Aliens staring at a female Alien as she's just twerking her ass off?
— Matt

Trivia Edit

  • A live action video of the three is shown of them patrolling the streets in military garb, however, Matt thinks they should go back to HQ and just eat Ice Cream Sandwiches instead.
  • During the filming of their live action sketches, someone in a highrise apartment building noticed the three Best Friends walking around with guns and armour, and called the police. The police issued a warning to Matt, Pat, and Woolie. This event was likened to by Matt and Pat as the "Noodle Incident" of their show. The Super Best Friends first alluded to this fiasco in the first part of the Bladewolf After Hours special.

Gallery Edit

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