Two Best Friends Play:

Amnesia The Dark Descent

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Game Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Season 3
Episode 1
Length 11:51
Upload Date Aug 14, 2011
Controller Matt
Previous Man Vs. Wild
Next Captain America Super Soldier
“You want me to get interested and scared of this game, but you won't shut the fuck up...” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play: Amnesia The Dark Descent is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat are late for a wedding and butt heads along the way. Matt mocks the game and gets scared like a little babby, while Pat gets extremely frustrated and urinates under Matt's feet.


Pat’s love of Ponies is revealed as we play horror classic, Amnesia!
— Website description

Quotes Edit

Mouse and keyboard, it's the best way to play anything.
— Pat
So you're English and you fuck ugly prostitutes?
— Pat
Yeah, I'm gonna need to smoke something when I play this stupid game.
— Matt
You don't even smoke!
— Matt
Can we just stop and play Donkey Kong?
— Matt
It'd be nice if I could turn into a nice little morphball.
— Matt
You know what's really fun periods? Escaping out of stupid indie games.
— Matt
What the fuck is with you and nouns, man!?
— Pat
Man, it's like they almost made an entire game based around your fan fiction.
— Matt
Pat... why is there ponies on your desktop?
— Matt

Trivia Edit

  • At 7:25, Matt goes on Ebay and apparently purchases Drake of the 99 Dragons; this game was later featured in the Skyrim episode.
  • This episode is the start of a running gag that Pat is a brony.


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