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Super Best Friends Brawl:

Anarchy Reigns

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Game Anarchy Reigns
Length 32:58
Upload Date Dec 1, 2012
Winner Pat
Next Mario Kart
Previous Mario Party 9
“This is going to be a curbstomp symphony.” — Pat

Super Best Friends Brawl - Anarchy Reigns is a Super Best Friends Brawl episode in which Matt, Pat, Woolie fight the power. It was the first episode in which Pat won a Brawl, breaking his prodigious losing streak. Throughout this episode, Pat was a big dick cool-guy and owned Matt and especially Woolie. Not even Bayonetta could save Woolie.

About Edit

Super Best Friends Brawl 6 has begun! Who will wind up on top? Woolie, Pat, or Matt? Er...wait,, that came out wrong.
— Video description


This is going to be a curbstomp symphony.
— Pat
You love it you slut!
— Matt
Headbutt. It's delicious.
— Pat
Remember ladies, Woolie is always premature.
— Woolie
I am the king.
— Pat
King of shit mountain.
— Matt
I'm here to ruin everything!
— Matt
Pat's way better at repetitive hand motions than I am!
— Matt
No one can out fap Pat.
— Matt
It means more time for me to like, Fist of the North Star your asses.
— Pat
Throws and kill stealing. That's what this game is made of.
— Woolie
I'm watching you two just make out in the lava over there.
— Pat
Are we gonna call this Brawl or Scrublords?
— Pat

Trivia Edit

  • The intro song is "Rappu ha Kan no Tamashii da!" from the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann OST.
  • It is the first Brawl in which the 2Snacks introduction is shown, offering a character select screen.
  • This Marks the end of Pat's Losing Streak in the Best Friend Brawls.

Gallery Edit

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