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Apotheon Title
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Game Apotheon
Length 36:23
Controller Matt
Upload Date Feb 14, 2015
“You can't imagine Zeus being like, "I was in a pool! Why'd you guys take that statue of me at that moment?".” — Matt

Best Friends Play Apotheon is a one-off video in which Matt and Woolie play a game deemed by Matt to be too classy for the Best Friends in which they defend ancient Greece from invading forces by Prince of Persia-ing all over the place.


Matt and Woolie put on their nerdy art hats to discuss the subtle antiquities of the ancient world...and Ric Flair!
— Video Description


The Roman emperors were all dicks. Also, anyone in Greece always hated the Romans and vice versa. Thank you for supporting PBS.
— Matt
That's how I say it 'cause I'm white as shit.
— Matt
It's like looking at ancient art on the walls and they see Ric Flair and decide to put him in there.
— Matt
As long as you're ancient and not American sounding, it's good enough for us.
— Woolie on British voice acting
Hold that delta on your chest.
— Woolie
You're pretty cool, but you're not as cool as your name implies you should be.
— Woolie
People have asked, "Do you guys not like God of War?". It's like, no it's fine, it's just that I get tired of a Mary Sue that comes in that's this big dude that's like, "I'm gonna kill every single Greek hero 'cause they sucked. We like our hero better.".
— Matt
Don't fuck with him. He's holding a torch and stabbing the ground. I don't trust that shit, bro.
— Woolie
Motherfuckers that want to be known as the hardest bitches around attack the places named after the gods.
— Woolie
You can't imagine Zeus being like, "I was in a pool! Why'd you guys take that statue of me at that moment?".
— Matt
Zeus - King of Gods and Men. And He with the tiny dick. Look at it! You can't even tell which one is the balls!
— Woolie

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