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Superfriends Aquaman
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Game Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis
Length 27:02
Controller Matt, Woolie
Previous The Punisher (Arcade)
Next Iron Man/X-O Manowar Heavy Metal
“Everybody's laughing at your junk cause it's always shrunk.” — Woolie

Aquaman is the fourteenth episode in the Best Friends' The Amazing Superfriends! special.


A game based on Aquaman. This has GOTTA be good, right?
— Video Description


Matt, Pat, and Woolie jump into the endless ocean of garbage that is the Aquaman game. While swimming in it's murky, disgusting depths, they find themselves failing to grab power-ups, listening to "Barbie Girl", doing sick dolphin combos, propelling themselves with gaseous emissions, and having unprotected sex with dolphins.


The opening animation is the same one used for Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death.

Quotes Edit

Who had sex with all these dolphins? Oh, it was me, Aquaman.
— Matt
It is impossible not to get pissed off by a sentence with Aquaman in it.
— Woolie
Hey, remember than time when Aquaman...
— Pat
These look like web comics someone made out of World of Warcraft!
— Pat
If you told me twenty years ago, when I was a little kiddish, and you said, 'There's a character lamer than Namor.', I'd been like, get the fuck out, and then you didn't by telling me that Aquaman exists.
— Matt
They designed the game around his hair.
— Woolie
If anybody ever tells you, 'Hey, check out this video of a dude having sex with a fish.', don't watch the video with the guy having sex with the fish. You're gonna regret it.
— Pat
If anybody was gonna use a video to grab random sound bites, this would be the one.
— Pat
You gotta be pretty manly and desirable to compete with a guy that can stretch every part of his body.
— Pat
Everybody's laughing at your junk cause it's always shrunk.
— Woolie
Oh no, Sea World has come to take us while we bone!
— Matt
What the fuck is that thing? It's got carrots for arms.
— Matt
Penn and Teller's Manta Bus?
— Woolie
I paid over two dollars for this game.
— Matt
That was five dollars too much.
— Pat

Trivia Edit

  • The music played during the intro is the Aquaman theme from the The Songs and Stories about the Justice League of America record. It can be found here.
  • The outro theme is from the X-Men cartoon. The cartoon's intro can be seen here.

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