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Game Armored Core For Answer
Length 1:00:59
Upload Date Mar 18, 2015
Previous Shogo
Next Front Mission 3
“Robots are dicks. There's no jump on that. Robots are assholes.” — Pat

Armored Core For Answer is the fourth episode of Mechaweek. In this episode, Pat and Woolie look through insane amounts of customization options for their roller skating mechs.

About Edit

MISSION_004: Overed_Mechporn

Primary Objective: Raise Collared ranking.

Secondary Objective: Stack paper to the ceiling.

Tertiary Objective: Ride on 24 inch chrome.

— Video description

Quotes Edit

We don't fight to find the answer so just pray for the answer.
— Woolie
You can very easily end up with a glorified tractor if you run out of ammo.
— Woolie
This is a British Laura Bailey.
— Pat
Pretty much. It's also the voice of the oppressive future.
— Woolie
No, I mean it's actually Laura Bailey doing a British accent.
— Pat
Yo, it's a samurai and it's skating at you. What!
— Woolie
Robots are dicks. There's no jump on that. Robots are assholes.
— Pat
You don't wanna be Fred Flintstone with the brontosaurus ribs.
— Woolie

Trivia Edit

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