SBFC 010

Aryan Resurrection

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Length 3:12:44
Date October 15, 2013
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“All in all, I think we are doing just as much good as harm, as we are doing.” — Pat
“Can you quote that? I wanna see that in text.” — Liam

SBFC 010: Aryan Resurrection is the tenth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.


Matt returns from NYC, and the rest of us staunchly REFUSE to stop talking about Pokemon. We eventually do though. Then we get into new Zelda, Battlefield 4 upgrading, WiiU port troubles, PS4 sweatshops, the crowdfunding future, and the movie Gravity.
— Podcast description


It's the death fart.
She was talkin' mad shit about the Taliban, and it was awesome!
— Woolie, on Mallala Yousafzai
With PC games, I just rely on Gaben.
— Pat
Gaben will set you free.
— Woolie
What's The Wonderful 101 up to now? Ninety... copies?
— Pat
You can only find the truest communism within a capitalist country.
— Pat
We've entered the Dark Age of podcasting.
— Liam
Bucketed! I'm using that as a verb!
— Pat
Press 'A' to ninja!
— Woolie
I got Strider all over my face.
— Pat
I want a two hour documentary about John.
— Pat
All in all, I think we are doing just as much good as harm, as we are doing.
Can you quote that? I wanna see that in text.
— Liam
Tetris is forever.
— Woolie
Never stop clicking on videos.
— Matt
Way to flacidify the podcast.
— Pat

Letter TimeEdit

Q: What are your favourite alcoholic drinks? from Kell

  • Liam: Fake Shirley Temples
  • Woolie: Black Velvet
  • Matt: Melon Margarita
  • Pat: Bloody Caesar to relax with any friends, or any bottle if I need alcohol

Q: What are your thoughts on the stupid video game activist Jack Thompson? from Bailey

  • Woolie: The word that comes to mind, aside from attention whore, is 'necessary evil'. He served his purpose, and now he is irrelevant.
  • Pat: I think Jack Thompson was a blessing in disguise.

Q: What's your opinion the detracting of purchases for games based on Let's Plays or things like that? from a person who would rather not be named

  • Pat: I think it's a pretty even split. All in all, I think we are doing just as much good as harm, as we are doing.
  • Woolie: It can be an interesting sell for games with different paths.
  • Matt: Quick looks and one-offs support games as well.

Q: How do you feel about paying to remove ads from a website? from Human Plus Music

  • It's not ridiculous. You're on the wrong side of that.

Q: Do you prefer an abstract story, or a more literal or easy to follow story? from Steven

  • Woolie: Whether you choose to go Killer is Dead or easy to swallow story, you need the content to back it up.
  • Liam: I prefer literal, but I think we need a healthy dose of both.
  • Pat: Dark Souls

Q: We would love it if you could elaborate on the qualities that you think makes a game good or not from the gist of about 3,000 emails

  • That's too broad.

Q: Which of the following do you think is the most critical: sound design, writing, visual design, or mechanics. from Jim

  • Woolie: For us, it's mechanics that we go crazy for. That goes the farthest.
  • Liam: It works when you have the perfect fusion of two.

Q: Do you guys listen to any other podcasts? from Nathan

  • Liam: One episode of the Joystiq podcast when I was washing dishes.
  • Woolie: The Joe Rogan Experience
  • Matt: Not really.
  • Pat: Giant Bombcast, occasionally Weekend Confirmed and 8-4 Podcast

Matt Watch Edit

This week, Matt was stalking his better half, who planned his entire New York trip.