Two Best Friends Play:

Assassin' Creed Liberation HD

Assassin's Creed Liberation HD
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Game Assasssin's Creed: Liberation HD
Season 8
Episode 12
Length 15:05
Upload Date Jan 19, 2014
Controller Pat
Previous WWE 2K14
Next Barbie Dreamhouse Party
“I'm looking for your best slave outfit. No, that one's too good.” — Matt

SEXY ASSASSINS - Assassin's Creed Liberation HD - Two Best Friends Play is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat chase a Templar chicken, collect spermazoids, stand up against the Mothman, and charm evil white men.


The hypest snake tongues on youtube!
— Video description
We collect some spermazoids and dance around the subject of slavery in this one!
— Website description


The intro animation starts with Aveline bumping into two soldiers, sending her into a Persona 4 style battle. Matt begins the encounter by throwing a fire axe at the soldiers, but misses. Then Pat uses the "Assassin" spell, and Aveline critical hits both soldiers, winning the battle.


Oh Aveline de Grandpa, why are you so flippant?
— Matt
Establishing early on that white people are super evil.
— Pat
To be fair, a fucking like a fire hydrant with an Assassin's Creed uniform looks cooler than Conner.
— Matt
Jean Claude Van Damme has left his DNA all over.
— Matt
Wait wait wait wait, slow down. Did you just say Assassin's Creed combat is easy?
— Matt
Man, fuck Richard Grier and The Mothman Prophecies.
— Pat
My butt's too big. I can't climb it.
— Pat
This guy's got a big spear though, I like him better.
— Pat
You got a huge entourage of dudes following your butt pheromones!
— Matt


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