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Game Astro Boy: Omega Factor
Episodes 9
Combined Length 05:52:42
Original Run Jul 8, 2015 - Jul 28, 2015
Controller Woolie
“If you believe in yourself, any pizza can be a personal pizza.” — Liam

Best Friends Play Astro Boy is a full Let's Play in which Woolie and Liam guide Astro Boy's machine gun butt through neo super Japan, as Woolie gets wrecked again, and again, and again.

About Edit

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Superman or Megaman? Not quite! It's Astro Boy!
— Website descrpiton

See the individual episode descriptions at the Astro Boy Descriptions page.

Quotes Edit

I can just drive right through this little robot boy.
Like a player who really loves his coach, just pour it on.
If you believe in yourself, any pizza can be a personal pizza.
I am president of poverty. Would you like to play some Arcana Heart?
I have to kill dudes while Flappy Birding?
It's fucking Elmer Fudd.
With an eyeball, it's true! 'You wiww wowk fow me untiw you dwop dead. Dis new undewwatew twain is exactwy what I was dweaming of. Wabbit season.'.
Who is this bargain bin Guts?
Just presidents having shitty names. Vote Dickhead.
Fuck you, we're using GameFAQs. We can't figure this out.
Nuts, bolts, screws, circuits, power bars, fans. Everything is connected to the cosmos.
SSS Astro Boy butt.
How much of an extra was he in Planet of the Apes?
Osamu Tezuka's like, 'Yes. The true intention of Astro Boy was to be the ultimate lame character. It does not fight fair, he is not honorable.

Gallery Edit

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