This is an extended page of the Astro Boy "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Welcome to the rest of the Freedom Planet LP.
— Part one
We NEED Treasure to make a First-48 game.
— Part two
What's good NUKA? Don't worry, we'll save your from those Black Looks.
— Part three
Cult Leader Elmer "Tenshinhan" Fudd doesn't fuck around.
— Part four
It ain't over till we free those sinful robots from slavery. Autoblow 2, we comin' for you!
— Part five
Now we know what you're thinking, and no you're not crazy, we've been down this road before. But this time, with the power of the Phoenix in our hearts, we will change destiny with these two robot hands!
— Part six
Welp, don't ever say we don't commit. Please enjoy the new setting, ASTRO MUST DIE mode, not to be confused with LEGENDARY ROBOT CHILD.
— Part seven
If I had ass-guns, I'd 83% more problems than with normal guns.
— Part eight
Spoiler alert: In the end, the world is saved by a little boy twerking his gun-ass off on the moon.
— Part nine (Final)

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