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Game Attack on Titan
Length 1:07:32
Controller Woolie
Upload Date Sep 11, 2016
“He was like, 'Ah. I can kill myself or I can write a sick manga.'.” — Liam

Best Friends Play Attack on Titan is a one-off episode in which Woolie and Liam discover the truth of why Aotans are so creepy looking, make multiple references to Attack on Titan Abridged and join DMX's recon team.


Thanks to truongasm for helping with the intro.
— Video description

Quotes Edit

— Woolie
Maybe the fact the Titans, the Aotans, are super all weird looking in proportion, it covers up the artwork.
— Woolie
The mangaka was probably looking at a box cutter when he or she thought of it.
— Woolie about how the blades look like box cutters
He was like, 'Ah. I can kill myself or I can write a sick manga.'.
— Liam
It's Urien. It's always been Urien and anyone saying it's not is just fooling themselves.
— Liam about the Armored Titan
Mash L2 and R2 alternatively to shit your pants.
— Liam
He looks like he hasn't slept since he was born.
— Liam
DMX is a member of the recon team for sure.
— Woolie
You're so cool and smart, when you figure shit out, all the candles go out.
— Woolie
— Liam
What should I call myself? A swing enthusiast?
— Woolie

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