Two Best Friends Play:

Batman Arkham Origins

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Game Batman: Arkham Origins
Season 8
Episode 14
Length 15:42
Upload Date Feb 2, 2014
Controller Pat
Previous Barbie Dreamhouse Party
Next Robocop
“So you want a city controlled by nerds that love green?” — Matt
“Want it controlled by Woolie?” — Pat

YOU'RE DRUNK, BATMAN! - Batman Arkham Origins - Two Best Friends Play is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat decide that all superheroes should be more like the Punisher, undress Vicki Vale will detective vision, go inside Alfred, and fail to give Batman super powers.


Time to hang up your Bat-suit in your Bat-closet, Batman.
— Video description
— Website description


The intro animation starts with Matt and Pat both dressed as Batman, as Pat attempts to break an encrypted code, and fails. It then cuts to The Riddler laughing in his lair, before Matt and Pat crash into it with the Batwing, completely obliterating him.


They should have just called this "We Need To Make A New Batman Game."
— Pat
Thanks, you racist frog. You know the WB frog that's like, *awkward frog-like noise*.
— Pat
Hey Bat Wayne, do you know where Bruceman is?
— Matt
Michael Kilmer sounds like a bad ass!
— Matt
That wall beside him is weak. It's a weak, fucking pussy wall.
— Matt
The Vita memory card is so opulent, that only the five richest kings of England own them.
— Matt
Remember when he was in Arkham Oranges?
— Pat failing to say origins.
Inside you was magical, but then you got hard.
— Pat, to Alfred
If Woolie was a superhero, he'd tell the guys to make sure to call me on my hamburger phone.
— Matt
No... stupid Riddler shit.
— Pat
Dude, I'm not sure if you know this, but the difference between dicks and butts is kinda big.
— Matt
The idea that a villain called the Penguin is like, "a man dressed like a bat, that's crazy. You expect me to believe that shit?"
— Matt
Now shoved this raw fish down my fucking throat!
— Pat


  • This is the first time a season of Two Best Friends Play surpassed 13 episodes.
  • The origin story that Matt reads is from the back of bootleg Batman Begins products, one of which can be seen here.


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