Best Friends Halloween

Battle Monsters!

Battle Monsters
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Game Battle Monsters
Combined Length 21:20
Original Run October 18, 2014
Controller Competitive
“I can't even tell if this is animation, or if it's just the fever dreams of a mad man.” — Matt

Best Friends Halloween - Battle Monsters! is a one-off episode in which Matt and Woolie play another spooky Sega Saturn game, this time a fighter which pits the most generic Halloween costumes against each other, in glorious, poorly done, motion capture style.

About Edit

Oooouuhuhoooohohoo! Woolie and Matt get confused/angry as they battle with some battle monsters!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Mocap actors can't do real, cool kicks. They gotta do mocap actor kicks.
— Woolie
I feel like I'm taking an eye test.
— Matt
I can't even tell if this is animation, or if it's just the fever dreams of a mad man.
— Matt
Monsters wouldn't use numbers. They'd use hourglasses and ankhs.
— Matt
Finally, Ice Climbers are in another game.
— Matt
A game that supports sixty FPS.
— Woolie
Before there was Ms. Fortune, Headless was on the scene.
— Woolie
Is it Thursday? You have meter.
— Woolie
If you cut a person, and then cut a skeleton, do we not bleed the same blood?
— Matt
It's like, are you white and fifteen? Then you'll love this magazine!
— Matt, on Fangoria
That was a fucking demon Charleston. Don't even pretend.
— Woolie
It's just a bad effect a programmer saw one day and said, "Oh, we can turn that into a boss."
— Matt

Gallery Edit

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