Mystery Box #021

Beast Wars: Transformers

Mystery Box 21 Title
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Game Beast Wars: Transformers
Length 29:15
Upload Date Sep 23, 2015
Controller Matt, Liam
Previous Mystery Box - Episode #020
Next Mystery Box - Episode #022
“That's an ugly loading screen. Nice box effect, assholes.” — Liam

Beast Wars: Transformers the twenty-first episode of the Mystery Box series. In this episode, Matt, Woolie, and Liam experience the best that Canadian cartoons have to offer in shitty game form as they switch out all the voice actors, finally figure out how to use Transformer toys, listen to Woolie's lies about dinosaur feathers, and spoil every major plot point to a show from the mid-90's.

About Edit

It's a mystery!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

I really miss Canadian anime.
— Liam
That's an ugly loading screen. Nice box effect, assholes.
— Liam
Look at how big, fat my ass is!
— Matt
Look at how good my name is. It's based on an emotion like I'm from the fucking Cobra Unit.
— Matt
She was listening to Tigertron's bullshit. She was buying the organic shit, doing yoga.
— Woolie
Liam is still antsy around elevators because he didn't know they existed five years ago.
— Matt
That was what it was all about back then. Fighting for that FMV.
— Liam
No, Liam. You're not allowed to save it.
— Woolie
We need to make that website. Not 'How Long to Beat', 'How Long to Disc Snap'.
— Liam
Ace Ventura is gonna jump out of his asshole any second.
— Matt

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