Best Friends Get Hyped For Pacific Rim

Best Friends gets Hyped For Pacific Rim
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Game King of Monsters, Zone of the Enders, and Godzilla Unleashed
Length 27:27
Original Run Jul 12, 2013
Controller Matt and Woolie
“Get me off this planet if there's more hype for Grown Ups 2 than Pacific Rim.” — Matt

Best Friends Get Hyped For Pacific Rim is an episode in which Matt and Woolie get hyped for the film, Pacific Rim by playing with action figures while Pat fucks off in the background. Woolie forms a relationship with Megatron and Kevin Nash and Matt brings out Metal Gear REX to obliterate all of the Kaiju. Woolie gets super pissed and they play a collection of Kaiju and mecha related video games while still retaining their saltiness. Afterwards, they explain the hype for Pacific Rim, why it's so important, and why you should see it.


I'm gonna teach you a thing or two about Jaegers, son!
— Woolie
It's not my fault you can't afford it!
— Matt to Woolie about his Metal Gear REX action figure
This is how you cancel an apocalypse. By causing another one.
— Woolie
Get me off this planet if there's more hype for GROWN UPS 2 than Pacific Rim!
— Matt
Girls dressed up as Kajiu will totally fellatio you if you show up.
— Matt
That was even closer than Keanu Bebop!
— Matt
If you don't have faith in Godzilla, Fuck Your Life.
— Matt
What is the Pacific Ocean? What do we know about it? Do you think you could- You know nothing about the Pacific Ocean!
— Woolie

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