Best Friends Gettin' Hype for Killer Instinct!

Best Friends Gettin Hype For Killer Instinct
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Game Killer Instinct
Length 9:26
Original Run Nov 8, 2013
Controller Matt and Woolie
“That fire erupts every time I get out of bed and think about Killer Instinct.” — Matt

Best Friends Gettin' Hype for Killer Instinct! is an episode in which Matt and Woolie get hype by playing a store demo of Killer Instinct on the Xbox One, while Liam watches. After a couple grueling matches, they walk around and give their opinions of the game.


Let your body rock, let your body move, let your body jump, TO THE KILLER GROOVE
— Video Description


Combo Breaker!
— Matt, multiple times
Should I take slushie, or should I take piss?
— Matt, on Glacius' alternate colors
I'm not racist. They designed me to specifically not be racist.
— Matt as Thunder
I feel marginally better about buying an Xbone.
— Matt
Swag. Swag. Swag. Swag.
— Woolie


  • The song from the fountain scene is "K.I. Feeling" from the Killer Instinct soundtrack Killer Cuts.
  • The video description references "The Way U Move", also from Killer Cuts.


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