Best Friends Wiki accepts editors from around the world, and thus different writing styles. However, there are a few simple rules of thumb editors should remember.


First, BFWiki is an English wiki, and is written in that language only. However, the wiki accepts both American and British English. For example, "favorite" is American, whereas "favourite" is British. In order to avoid editing wars, both are accepted forms of spelling, and users shouldn't go out of their way to change the spelling simply because it's a different variation. However, editors should try to be consistent within a single article. Users should not go around changing American English spellings into British English or vice versa.

Capitalisation and Punctuation

The word "Let's Play" is always capitalised, as are proper nouns such as Matt and America. Numbers one through ninety-nine should be written out; numbers 100 and on should be written in Arabic numerals (0-9). For example, one would say "part twelve of Deadly Premonition" and "OVER 9,000". The title of every page should be in bold. Users should take care to avoid using bold just to place emphasis on something; editors should let the words speak for themselves.

Song titles, short stories, and poems are all punctuated by quotation marks. For example: "One", "Danger Zone", and "Cult of Personality".

Ship, movie, book, album, television show and game titles are all italicised. Examples of these include: Normandy, South Park, ...And Justice for All, and Pacific Rim.

However, when referring to the playthrough of a game, italics are not used. Proper examples of this:

  • Matt and Pat did a playthrough of The Last of Us
  • In part fourteen of The Last of Us, Pat states that Demolition Man is the greatest movie of all time.
  • Woolie's favourite game of 2012 is Persona 4 Arena.
  • Pat mentioned in part two of Deadly Premonition that he wishes he could whistle.
  • Matt and Pat played Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance'.

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