This page breaks down the layout of articles in this wiki, how they are worded, and in what order they are placed.

Section Priority

Certain sections come before others. Sections are organised by creating a header flanked by two equal signs (=) on either side. Consult this numbered list if you are unsure of where to insert a new section. 

  1. The intro paragraph, accompanied by an image/infobox. This itself is not a section, so no heading is required.
  2. Description
  3. About
  4. Intro (Machinima episodes only) 
  5. Best of Montage (Full Let's Plays only)
  6. After Hours (Full Let's Plays only)
  8. Trivia
  9. Gallery
  10. Video

Section Explanations

The following explains what each section is and what goes in it.


The "About" section is the video description from the YouTube video, but verbatim into the "Quoter" template. The second parameter for the template should be "Video description", unless it's a solo work, such as Matt Buys Too Much Crap! or Liam's Super On-Time Top Ten of 2012!, in which case the quote can be attributed to that person.


The "Intro" section describes the intro animation of Machinima episodes. The first thing on these pages will either be a headquote, using the "Quote" template, or more often, the image or infobox template. Below this is the introductory paragraph(s), which give an overview of the content.

Best of Montage

If there is a "Best of Montage", a brief description of it and a link to it should be provided here.

After Hours

If there are any "After Hours" series, a brief description of it and a link to them should be provided here.


This is simply a list of notable, funny, or stupid things the Best Friends say. Quotes are done using the "Quoter" template, as such: {{Quoter|the quote goes here|person who said it goes here}}

So if you put type this in:

{{Quoter|I'm now wet and ready to go.|Pat}}

It should come out like this:

I'm now wet and ready to go.
— Pat


  • Trivia sections are for miscellany titbits of information pertaining to the content. Bullets should always be used for this section, even if there is only one piece of trivia.


Typically the last section written into a page, this section contains one or possibly more galleries, like so:

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