Page titles should be simple, relevant, and concise.

Users will be searching for these, so it's important that they be easy to find. Playtroughs and episodes do not contain any show prefixes in the title itself. Instead, these pages are often named after the game which is played. For example, instead of "Two Best Friends Play Resident Evil 2" the title for the episode is simply "Resident Evil 2". The name is not always based directly on the game, hence the "Game" parameter on most infoboxes. For example, the Skyrim page is titled thus because it's simpler, easier to find, and that's the title used for the video itself. Other examples include Superman, Injustice, and Blood Dragon. Though the aforementioned parameter should always reflect the proper spelling, the spelling and punctuation should match the name of the video, as is the case with Silent Hill Downpour and Saints Row The Third, both of which have colons in their official titles.

In the case of a game being played more than once, the original should remain the way it is, and the subsequent videos are to be appended with parentheses explaining the difference. For example, since the Machinima episode came first, the Deadly Premonition page simply uses the name of the game, whereas the page for the full Let's Play is titled Deadly Premonition (Full Let's Play). If a Machinima episode came out after a Full Let's Play, the title of the page would have "Machinima Episode" as its clarifier. The clarifier is always added to the page for the junior video.

Capitalisation of Pages

Pages titles are to be written in title case. This means that the principal words all start with capital letters, but common words such as prepositions and conjunctions (in, on, around, and, or) do not.

Introductory Sentences

The introductory sentence can and often will differ from the page title. For example, the page may be titled "Resident Evil 2", but the first line will be "Two Best Friends Play Resident Evil 2 is a...." This first part should be the title of the video, written verbatim, with a few exceptions. For example, if the video title has a clarifier, like (fixed audio), this doesn't need to be mentioned in the intro sentence.

For infobox templates, the series prefix (ex: "Two Best Friends Play", "Super Best Friends Brawl", "Matt & Woolie's Old School Playthroughs", Best Friends Beat 'Em Ups", etc.) is written above the informative title of the page. In the case of Resident Evil 2, it is written with the "Two Best Friends Play" prefix first, with "Resident Evil 2" below it. Both get their own line. Clarifiers such as "Full Let's Play) do not go here. An example of this can be seen at the bottom of the page.

Two Best Friends Play

Resident Evil 2

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