Any pictures uploaded to this wiki should adhere to the following guidelines.

Nomenclature and Use

Pictures on Best Friends Wiki should always have a descriptive title, and any images that are uploaded should always be used. Any unused images will be moved or deleted. Any images with generic titles should be renamed. Users are allowed to upload as many personal images as they wish, so long as they are all used somewhere such as a blog post, user page, forum thread, or message wall.

Save for extreme examples, images on content pages should always be aligned to the right, and sized at 250 pixels. A notable exception to this is the use of .gifs, which vary in size to work. The word "thumb" should be removed from the code; thumbnails should never be used on content pages. Though used sparingly, videos should be 500px in size.

Though it will inevitably vary from page to page, there is an order of priority when choosing what kind of image will head a page. Title cards should before anything else. If there's a title card, the thumbnail for the first and last video should be added to the gallery. Examples of this include Silent Hill: Downpour and Deadly Premonition. If multiple title cards are used throughout the series, the first one shown chronologically will be put in the infobox, and the rest will go in the "Gallery" section. Examples of this include Resident Evil 2 and The Walking Dead.

When a title card is not used, the thumbnail should be. An example of this would be Robocop Inception; the image used in the infobox of that page is the YouTube thumbnail for that video.


Captions need not be complete sentences, but they must also abide by the other policies of the wiki. They should be short and informative, and serve simply to add context to the image. Captions should also be added to stray images aligned to the right.


The Gallery section should always be the last section on a page. All images that aren't being used in the introduction space go here; images only go in one of these two places. Gallery spacing should be set to small, and photo sizes should be set to 185 pixels. Consult this example below.


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