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Game Betrayer
Length 31:52
Controller Pat
Upload Date May 3, 2014
“Man, I feel like I'm playing a Cabella game from the 1930's.” — Matt

Betrayer is a one-off episode in which Matt and Pat shoot Spaniards, dig up unsettling tongues, help a wraith find his waifu, and explore the new world.

About Edit

Matt and I check out this weird indie game from some of the old Monolith folks! It's creepy! Spooky even!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Matt, what the fuck?
— Pat
I got really confused at first when I read the URL for this and I thought it said Black Power Games.
— Pat
Man, I feel like I'm playing a Cabella game from the 1930's.
— Matt
Heal is Z?!
— Pat
No pants in a horror game.
— Pat
Found a rusty musket. THAT'S a sex move.
— Pat}}
Tomahawk's pretty badass. This is consistent with lore.
— Pat
Kids, if you're having trouble with school, just bring a tomahawk.
— Matt

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