This is an extended page of the Beyond Two Souls (Full Let's Play) "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Let's dive right in, shall we? Interactive hamburger phone espionage, let's go!!
— Part one
I'm the prettiest girl at the party and get to kiss ALL THE BOYS
— Part two
Hurray! Time for some pointless action scenes! EXCITING!
— Part three
Childhoods are hard. Specially with GHOST CHILDRENS and jerk foster dads.
— Part four
Yknow what's a great god damn episode of Reboot? The X-files one, I think it was called Trust No One. With the web creature. It was fucking great.
— Part five
Time to go to the darkest place the best friends have ever been. What David Cage thinks the homeless experience is like. STRAP YOURSELVES IN FOR SOME AWKWARD BULLSHIT PEOPLE.
— Part six
Heroism, awkwardness, and babies going out in an Attack on Titan, what's not to love? Also hair that's too short, even for Woolie, and a really bizarre trip to TERMINATOR. The hell? I DON'T KNOW
— Part seven
Really David? How many of these scenes do we need? Your creep is showing you fucking weirdo.
— Part eight
Off to what is most likely Mexico! Where all the native boys are dreamy, and we discover that our main character may or may not be a hypno toad!
— Part nine
We channel Todd McFarlane in fighting off Malbogia, wish we were playing Metal Gear, and maybe, just maybe, get so confused as to what's actually happening that we become near speechless.
— Part ten
Nothin but drama with boys in this one! Oh gosh! Link to David Cage Bingo!
— Part eleven
Yknow what's more dramatic than romantic dinners? WAR...stuff.
— Part twelve
Okay cmon now this is just straight up garbage.
— Part thirteen
Time to go visit mom I guess. Whatever.
— Part fourteen
If I told you we went to fight a chinese ghost army in a secret underwater Cobra base that ends up turning into the KOTOR1 Manaan sequence with the underwater bulky suit alongside future Big Boss, you wouldn't believe me, would you?
— Part fifteen
No ones plans make sense anymore, and technical difficulties mar an otherwise IMMACULATE playthrough.
— Part sixteen
We try our best to stave off the sweet embrace of nothingness, but oh god, is it hard.
— Part seventeen FINAL

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