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Bionic Commando Re-Armed CO-OP

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Game Bionic Commando Rearmed
Episodes 7
Length 3:01:56
Original Run May 18, 2013 - June 8, 2013
Controller Co-Op
“Only a ginger can destroy a ginger.” — Woolie

Matt & Woolie Play Bionic Commando Re-Armed CO-OP is a playthrough featuring the two together, as bio-bros fighting through a world filled with pseudo Nazis. The original was a childhood favorite of Woolie's and his mastery of this remake is evident as so is his knowledge of Commando Spencer and how hot the helicopter chick is.


Only a ginger can destroy a ginger
— Website description

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Quotes Edit

You know, Pat once said like...
— Woolie
— Matt as Pat
Tracy Morgan wants to get her pregnant.
— Woolie tell me about this Bionic Goat?
— Matt
Standing on top of a barrel, what kind of vantage point is that? Dumbass.
— Woolie
Imagine how much junk is in that trunk that we can't see?
— Woolie
Big Mama? That's super dumb.
— Matt
Woolie? Who's that? Some kind of minority.
— Matt while doing a Christopher Walken impression
Look at this Michael Bay moment right here.
— Woolie
Marvel Universe 1993: Woolie, does it from behind.
— Matt
Hey man, my name is Woolie and I believe in fitness.
— Woolie
Liam was talking shit about me the other day and I was like "yeah I see how your mom looks at me, I'm gonna be your stepdad by the end of the week."
— Matt
Woolie's touching my special area!
— Matt
Yo Haley, you like my helicopta dick?!
— Matt
Like, how else do you live in absolute decadance and wealth if not to eat and throw up over the peasants who have nothing.
— Woolie
Your death will not be in vain.
— Woolie shortly before dying
Liam just douses himself in Chef Boyardee tomato sauce
— Matt
— Matt
Matt, if I catch up to you and beat you, you got to pull your pants down and spank yourself.
— Woolie

Trivia Edit

  • Woolie reveals he played football while in school during part five of this playthrough. He needed to lose weight so he just ate cauliflower and broccoli, but still never became a big dick football hero because according to him he "blew his knee out". Matt followed that up with calling bullshit because every guy who never makes it in football says that.

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