This is an extended page of the Bionic Commando Re-Armed CO-OP "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Woolie and Matt swing through the air with the greatness of ease in Bionic Commando Re-Armed! Can they work together? Redemption is just within arm's reach!
— Part one
Just keep swinging! Just keep swinging! Swiiiiiinging swiiiiiiinging swwwiiiiinnnnggging!!
— Part two
It's not Bionic Commando unless you're talking about metal arms made out of your dead wife's guts!
— Part three
Woolie gets lost in this huge complex, so I just start talking about Codename Viper because it's fucking radical.
— Part four
Can Matt ever go a single playthrough without talking about the melting guy exploding against the car in Robocop? The answer is NO.
— Part five
We complain about who got Rosalina, and reveal that Pat loves huge lollipops.
— Part six
We basically blow up Hitler's head in this episode. It's exceedingly violent.
— Part seven Final

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