SBFC 023

Birthing Scars in Glorious 4K

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Length 2:31:58
Date January 14, 2014
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“You practice in the non-hunting season and get your murder boner super, super, SUPER veiny, and then you go out into the wilderness and use it to kill deer.” — Pat

SBFC 023: Birthing Scars in Glorious 4K is the twenty-third episode of the Super Best Friendcast.


This weeks episode is brought to us by murder boners and awful drumrolls. We talk about Link’s theoretical cartoon voice, 24/7 wrestling channels, Broken Age episode 1, SHAQFIGHTER and tutorials!
— Podcast description


— Matt
We don't tell the truth on this channel!
— Woolie
Nothing can beat Desert Bus in my heart.
— Pat
You gotta see those birthing scars in glorious 4K.
— Woolie
PlayStation All-Stars: The Smash Brothers comparisons are really pissing us off.
— Woolie
You're not gonna fool me with your double D's today, Woolie.
— Pat
Dedede is the fifth character in Ultra?
— Pat
Based Shadow Team forever.
— Woolie
You can't cast Bruce Lee!
— Matt
Now it's time for Will Smith, I guess.
— Pat, on James Avery's death
The blue hat is the crux of Space Dandy!
— Matt
I'd love to blame it on Bless, but no.
— Matt
Harry Potter 8: Never Back Down.
— Matt

Letter TimeEdit

Q: Assuming you got the adventures of Zubaz ready for production, who would you get to voice Zubaz? from Peter

  • John St. John

Q: I was wondering if you guys think Smash Bros. is considered a fighting game. from Koji

Q: Hey guys, I just got robbed. Have you guys ever had any relatable experiences? from Andy

  • Pat: A week after I got my DS Lite, it was lifted out of my pocket with Phoenix Wright in it.
  • Liam: My family got robbed when I was four.
  • Matt: My GI Joe jet got stolen.
  • Woolie: My The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time money got stolen out of my locker, my Atomic Purple Game Boy was stolen out of my locker, and a man in Grenada, armed with a cutlass, stole my grandmother's jewellery and my brother's violin.

Q: I'm getting a four slot NeoGeo cabinet soon, what games should I get for it? from Stuart

  • Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Samurai Showdown/Last Blade 2, Puzzle Bubble/Magical Drop, and Metal Slug

Q: Liam, I hear your a fan of Black Rock Shooter. What's your favourite installment of the franchise? from Fenrir

  • The first movie.

Q: Do you guys scroll through the questions in real time, or read through them and delete them as you answer? from SBFC Ask Me

  • Read through them and delete them as we answer.

Q: I know Super Best Friends Watch had a rocky history, but have you guys considered doing commentary tracks for movies? from Pablo

  • That would get flagged for copyright.

Q: What is your favourite video game tutorial? from James P.

  • Matt: Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  • Liam: Metal Gear Rising: Revenegance
  • Pat: Dark Souls
  • Woolie: Shadow Complex