Shitstorm 4: Matt & Pat's Scariness Marathon


BlackSoul Thumb
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Game BlackSoul
Controller Pat
Length 36:07
Next Deliverance
Previous Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh
“We've officially played this longer than anyone ever has online.” — Matt

BlackSoul is the sixth episode of Matt and Pat's Shitstorm 4: Matt & Pat's Scariness Marathon special.

About Edit

Spooky Fact - There is nothing scarier than realizing you have wrongly recorded audio on your internal speakers and not your mic. BOO!
— Video description

Description Edit

In this episode, Matt and Pat investigate Blackwood. Whilst there, they attempt to decode nonsensical newspaper headlines, collect GUN ammonition, fend off zombie mix-ups, get scared at nothing super hard, and see crazy, floppy dicks everywhere.

Quotes Edit

Heat the key with your spicy butthole.
— Pat
Sit on it. The spiciness will melt it.
— Matt
A wooden knob. Just what I've always wanted.
— Pat
Every one of those boxes is one bullet... of GUN.
— Pat
I jumped out of the closet because I heard a key getting made.
— Pat
I'm gonna janitor your ass off.
— Pat
We've officially played this longer than anyone ever has online.
— Matt
Watch out, this is gonna turn into a full LP.
— Matt
No. No. You don't even joke. You shut up. I will stab Liam.
— Pat

Trivia Edit

  • This episode's audio was mistakenly recorded with the internal speakers and not the microphone, which resulted in sub-par audio quality for this episode. This style of audio has been dubbed "Best Friends Classic" by the Zaibatsu. [1]

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