Super Best Friends Boxing: THE FIGHTING

Black & Bruised

Black and Bruised Title
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Game Black & Bruised
Length 27:03
Upload Date Dec 29, 2014
Controller Matt and Liam
Previous Fight Night Round 3
Next Real Steel
“These character designs are flip-flopping between nothing and terrible.” — Liam

Black & Bruised is the third episode in the Super Best Friends Boxing: The Fighting series. In this video, Matt and Liam play the most racist and poorly made fighting game since Tao Feng: Fist of The Lotus, during which they get stunned by American poison, watch the game turn into a visual novel, and box with Pat's Mom.


Majesco, one of the 4 kings of shovelware, submits a featherweight entry into the boxing genre! Ha, a boxing reference! Kinda! Shut up!
— Website Description

Quotes Edit

Matt, you told me we were doing boxing, not Creepy Anime Bullshit.
— Liam
These character designs are flip-flopping between nothing and terrible.
— Liam
This is a game I'd always see in the rental store and I'd always be like, "Wow, that doesn't look nearly as good as Punch-Out!!.". Guess what? Fucking spoilers.
— Matt
It's not racist if everyone's racist.
— Matt
I'm Kid Rock!
— Matt
Now I want to punch you even more.
— Liam
Fuck you Kid Rock! You ruined my life!
— Liam
Yeah, Pat's Mom never lets up. Never forgives, never surrenders!
— Liam
I wouldn't be surprised if this was made in Bulgaria or something.
— Matt
What am I?
— Matt
You're a stereotype.
— Liam
One of the designers was just like, "Oh my god this is gonna be such a cool idea. We're gonna turn the screen green!"
— Liam
And they were like, "No! There's no way! You're crazy, that's too innovative!"
— Matt

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