SBFC 121

Black Panther's Debut was Running from Cops

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Length 02:53:27
Date Nov 30, 2015
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“Rearranging the chronological order doesn't fix the reality vaginas.” — Woolie

Black Panther’s Debut was Running from Cops is the one-hundred and twenty-first episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

A normal episode! Half the show is weeks, half the show is week old news, tag some letters, call it a night! Check out our Indivisible Boss Baz Contest!
— Website description


Child murder boners aside.
— Woolie
Matt is to movies what Woolie is to food.
— Pat
I'll just put it under Woolie's couch with all the other games we don't want.
— Liam
Rearranging the chronological order doesn't fix the reality vaginas.
— Woolie
MLK. Safe. Died before he could get into any of the dirt.
— Pat
I accidentally a full LP.
— Liam
This has turned into, 'I don't care anymore. I'm throwing everyone under the bus.'.
— Matt

Letter Time Edit

Q: What are your opinions of pop culture references in video games? from Dread Pirate Roberts

  • Matt: What I think works is Mrs. Spolsion Man singing 90's and early 2000's girly songs and the Predator boss reference.
  • Pat: If you're thinking about it, think again, then think again, and then don't do it. Duke Nukem Forever's "The Kramer" is perfect. Did your meme last more than ten years? Then it's good enough.
  • Woolie: Generally, don't put memes in your games.
  • Liam: The real answer is just don't do it. There's no good rule for this.

Q: When you play a game by yourself, do you play with the subtitles on or off? from Charlie

  • Matt: Always on.
  • Pat: On, unless I have tons of faith in the audio mixing.
  • Woolie: If there are other people in the room, I turn them on.
  • Liam: If I'm playing an open world game, I turn them on.

Q: Favorite colossus? from Unknown

  • Matt: Phalanx.
  • Pat: Phalanx.
  • Woolie: The small flying one.
  • Liam: The Russian one.

Q: Name a bigger indie game than Cave Story in terms of impact. from Green Goblin

  • Pat: Mod version of Counter Strike.
  • Woolie: Undertale is too recent to say.
  • Liam: DOTA.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Matt: Being thirsty in L.A., Max's stream, Dementium Remastered, and hanging out with some mystery friends.
  • Pat: Packing and moving.
  • Woolie: L.A., L.A!
  • Liam: Xenoblade Chronicles X and Playstation Experience 2015.

Trivia Edit