Friday Night Fisticuffs

Blade Arcus From Shining EX

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Game Blade Arcus From Shining EX
Upload Date May 13, 2016
Length 30:43
Previous Dragoon Might
Next Koihime Enbu
“Two-hundred and twentieth update about the Lupp litter box: I still don't have it.” — Matt

Blade Arcus From Shining EX is the eighty-second episode of the Friday Night Fisticuffs series. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam beg for a new Shining Force game as Woolie picks through the boss characters, and Matt and Pat perfect their hick accents.


Special thanks to Play-Asia for importing us a copy of the game!
— Video Description


This isn't clean. This is dirty and Japanese.
— Woolie
Show me your rage, Rage. You nubile, young, Japanese boy and not the big, super black guy we've come accustomed to.
— Matt
What's wrong with a nubile, young, Japa- wait, what am I saying?
— Pat
This is what I always wanted Marvel to be.
— Pat
More wolfmans.
— Matt
I'll take Issac and Roselinde.
— Woolie
This just in, it seems that Issac is the final boss of the game. I'm looking this up right now.
— Matt
Also, Roselinde is the final boss of the game too.
— Liam
Ninjas predate Japan.
— Liam
Guile confirmed stolen from this game.
— Liam
Two-hundred and twentieth update about the Lupp litter box: I still don't have it.
— Matt
Freddy's a shit tier waifu compared to Gorilla.
— Matt
You shut your fucking mouth.
— Pat
Beef those honkers.
— Matt

Wins/Losses Edit

Matt 2/2
Pat 1/4
Woolie 4/2
Liam 3/2

Letter TimeEdit

There was no Letter Time this week.

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