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X-Men Legends II

Superfriends Blade
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Game Blade II
Length 28:33
Controller Matt, Woolie
Previous X-Men Legends II
Next Spider-Man: Kingpin's Arcade's Revenge
“Your name's Woolie, but you don't carry a woolie around all the time.” — Liam

Blade II is the twenty-second episode in the Best Friends' The Amazing Superfriends! special.


Some mother fuckers is always try to develop video games! And failing badly at it.
— Website Description


Matt, Woolie, and Liam take up arms against the creatures of the night and up-hill ice skating as they follow glyph trails, jump stop signs like a cool guy, fight slowly and rhythmically, try not to get killed by vampire cars, discover how to use Blade's blade, and get ambushed by zombies.


The opening animation is the same one used for Batman & Robin.

Quotes Edit

Watch your teeth old man, no one knows how to animate my mouth.
— Matt
Don't do an animation. Don't, just have the game freeze 'cause Blade.
— Matt
It's not Blade unless you're killing vampires in a club.
— Woolie
Are there just four missions in this game? Is this turning into a full LP?
— Liam
There's only one thing to do... tax evasion.
— Woolie
Slowly and rhythmically. Just like handling Pat or any other woman.
— Liam
This game is probably a lot better in person.
— Liam
Your name's Woolie, but you don't carry a woolie around all the time.
— Liam
I think these are just words to motivate him.
— Matt
It's a half-naked man. This'll be a treat!
— Liam
Some motherfuckers always tryin' to do backflips up the parking lot hill.
— Matt
This isn't ADS, this is aim down Wesley Snipe's head.
— Liam

Trivia Edit

  • The music played during the intro and outro is "Vampire Dance Club Theme" from the first Blade film. It can be found here..

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