Shitstorm V: Shitsurrection


Blood Thumb
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Game Blood: One Unit Whole Blood
Controller Pat
Length 28:45
Next The Ring Terror's Realm
Previous Medusa's Labyrithne
“Man, a monk with a tommy gun is a tough, tough enemy in any age.” — Matt

Blood is the sixteenth episode of Matt and Pat's Shitstorm V: Shitsurrection special.

About Edit

My eyes slowly open, but all I can see if pitch black. "Great," I utter to myself...another one of THOSE days. Ahhh fuck this! I move the heavy slab, the dust shifting onto my face, the grinding of the stone barely touching my ears. I then slowly rise and can feel all my cracking bones and loose tissue hanging off my frame invigorated with life once more. "I live again!" I whisper in my most sinister of tones. Heh heh, always wanted to say that! I then grab the pitchfork at my feet and instantly know I have a long perilous journey ahead of me....I journey of finding the right colored keys for the right colored doors, and making cheesy one-liners about death and destruction. Yes, I'm in the 90s and it is GLORIOUS!"
— Video description

Description Edit

In this episode, Matt and Pat rise from a hollow grave to kill zombies with flare guns, murder innocent people, rub their dicks on the wall and blame the controls for their failures.

Quotes Edit

I don't want to get hit by a flare gun, like for reals.
— Matt
Oh, it's a bad way to go.
— Pat
Yeah I know. That was a rough Summer for you.
— Matt
I don't care what anyone says, a pitchfork is a top-tier weapon.
— Matt
Why would "control" be set to attack!?
— Pat
Why would Johns be set to attack?
— Matt
Man, a monk with a tommy gun is a tough, tough enemy in any age.
— Matt
Ah green monks, the most dangerous of monks.
— Matt
That's it? That's a basic... armour... bitch.
— Pat

Trivia Edit

  • The Let's Play of Blood by MrGSTAR321 can be found here.

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