Two Best Friends Play:

Blood Dragon

Blood dragon
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Game Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
Season 7
Episode 4
Length 17:17
Upload Date May 5, 2013
Controller Matt & Pat
Previous Injustice
Next Star Trek
“Save a nerd.” — Pat
“Geez, how many times do we have to keep saving Liam from things?” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play: Blood Dragon is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat travel back to the future of 2007, where they get pissed at Woolie for only bringing two ice cream sandwiches, save James Rolfe, get bitten by cyber snakes, fail to blow up a dam, and murder American heroes, and make every 80's movie reference known to man.


In the futuristic world of 2007, Matt and Pat struggle with simple tutorials and cyborg crocodiles.
— Website description
It is 2007. It is the future. Sgt. Matt "American Dynamo" McMuscles and Lt. Pat Powertough battle it out in this neon-drenched warzone!
— Youtube description



We're going back to the Betamax!
— Matt
It's game over man, game over!
— Matt and Pat simultaneously
Holy crap, that scared me more than Silent Hill: Downcoming.
— Matt
I gotta go save Ferris Bueller before he nukes the U.S.
— Pat
Man that's a fuckin' big Shagohod.
— Matt
They're just Ubisofting it up.
— Matt

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