This is an extended page of the Bloodborne: The Old Hunters "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Where's Patsworth and his sick description rhyming skills? Nowhere, that's where, because I can't rhyme for shit. Into the new!
— Part one
River of Blood huh? What a kind hospitable nightmare. Spend most of this episode sloshing around ankle deep in crimson. What a shitheap.
— Part two
Down by the river of blood, there's this new place for the cool kids to hang out. The Party Cave! Check this shit out!
— Part three
Hey Ludwig! I've been borrowing your sword? I guess you don't need my shitty version, though, what with all the horse monsterism and such.
— Part four
Matt with the sick save on elevator shenanigans, and I struggle to get through a door I easily managed earlier.
— Part five
The fight against the first Vicar goes poorly, so how about we go hang out in the staircase of testicles.
— Part six
Man I'm a huge coward. Isn't that great? Also some lab time with some new gear! Let's go!
— Part seven
Happy Holidays folks, it's time for me (Pat) to look (Stare) at the Hunters Nightmare for a little while. Come along with me as I quietly and calmly tie up some loose ends and overpower myself into shit.
— Part eight
Time to putz around a sidequest we barely understand, but fuck that. Yknow what's real? Tsuntsun or DereDere.
— Part nine
TWO Boss fights in a single episode?! No one can stop Brocolli man!
— Part ten
Well now. Looks like we fell up into Innsmouth, didn't we? I'm sure everything here is totally normal, and not Murloc based. Nope.
— Part eleven
Deeper and deeper into fishtown we go, but at least we got some new toys to make up for it. Maybe if we try hard enough, these bad guys'll Escargot away! Haha! Yeah! Killin it'
— Part twelve
Now you buddy, you're a persistent bitch, ain'tcha. Strap yourselves in for some failure folks, this is probably the toughest boss in the game.
— Part thirteen
Whoo, we did it! So what's our reward? Oh. Oh that's gross. Eww. Fuck it guys, we outta here. Yharnam can kiss my ass, blood and parasites and just god damn gross shit all day. Worst vacation ever.
— Part fourteen Final

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